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Our Work

As a CAD Services, we get a range of enquiries from a patent drawing of eccentric product ideas to CAD support on large infrastructure projects
Our work is mainly focused on providing the link between design and reality. We take the designs from Structural Engineers, Product Designers or MEP Consultants and turn them into information that can be relied upon for manufacture, fabrication or installation. Basically, the documents we provide are used to build something.
In order to carry out these works, we hold licenses for an array of Computer Aided Design software

Fabrication Drawings

At SCG Engineers we use Autodesk Advance Steel as our preferred steel detailing CAD software package. Our steel detailers work closely with fabricators, architects, structural engineers and installers to guaranty a successful project. We produce a full set of fabrication drawings for every project.

Photo-Realistic Renders

These photo-realistic images are produced from 3D CAD Models.
These images are mostly used for visualisation of a concept in product development or for marketing purposes (digital and printed). Besides that it often can be cheaper to produce a photo-realistic render compared to a professional photographer there are many advantages such as in-situ render, exploded and section renders which would be very challenging to produce via photography.

3D CAD Models

We will produce a 3D CAD model based on the sketches, photos or an existing physical part using Solidworks (for products) and Revit & Sketchup for buildings.

CAD Animation

Based on the 3D CAD Models either produced in-house or received from the clients, we produce high-quality photo-realistic CAD animations. We are able to produce videos of:

Exterior buildings

Walkthroughs through buildings to show interior designs – fully furnished

In Situ animations – showing products in their real life and realistic environment

Sectioned animations – displaying the internal working of a product

Exploded animations – showing all (or part) of internal parts of a product

Architectural drawings do we produce

Depending on the project requirements we are able to produce

Floor Plans for space planning based on sketches or surveys

Floor Plans & Elevations for planning applications based on sketches

3D Building Information Models (BIM) based on 2D Drawings for construction


M&E Drawings often referred to MEP Drawings are shop drawings used for installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing building services. Increasing these drawings are developed in 3D using Building Information Modelling, smaller commercial projects and residential projects still use 2D Drafting as a method to produce the drawings.

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

We use Revit, AutoCAD Plant & MEP and Advance Steel for our BIM modelling. Our BIM coordinators work closely with architects, mechanical & electrical engineers and fabricators to ensure a successful project.

We produce BIM Models of:

Commercial & Residential Properties (architectural models)

MEP Services (Mechanical, electrical and plumbing)

Steel Structures

Process & Plant (Water & wastewater treatment, food and beverage, pharma and Oil, gas and petrochemical)

Reverse Engineering

The supplied physical part is measured by hand measurement tools or laser scanned. From the measured data, a new 3D CAD Model is produced in Solidworks. The 3D CAD Model can be used for 3D Printing, Animation & Rendering or to input into a CNC machine for manufacture.From the 3D CAD Model, the 2D Assembly & Part drawings are produced to allow accurate manufacture.

Structural Steel Drawings

Our team of steel detailers produce fabrication drawings of structural steel such as portal frames, roofs, floors and platforms. A set of fabrication drawings includes GA Drawing, Assembly & Single Part Drawings, Material & Bolt lists as well as NC

Structural Steel

Sheet Metal

Architectural Steelwork




Paper to CAD Conversion Service

Our CAD Drafting ream will convert existing paper drawings in PDF or a scanned image format into CAD by either:

Produce a like for like 2D drawing in AutoCAD (DWG format) from the supplied PDF file or paper drawing.

Produce a 3D CAD Model first from the supplied PDF file or paper drawing and then produce a 2D Drawing from the 3D CAD Model.

There can be several reasons for this demand such as:

Updating existing stock drawings into a modern 3D format

Create a 3D Printable format

Create a 3D Model file to be imported into a modern CNC machine